"People say we're old fashioned. We hope so!"


A French Country Style Vancouver Bakery.

At the Top of the Hill on Fraser Street,

Between 23rd & 24th Avenue.

Come Join Us for Great Fare, and Flair!

People Say We’re Old-Fashioned. We Hope So!


Le Menu De Cafe

Toast bar

Selection of Toast with your choice of

‘Just’ Butter        2.95    

Butter & House Made Jam    3.95

Almond Butter         4.95

Smoked Salmon Paté    4.95

Soupe du Jour

Daily Selection on Specials Board

Bowl of Soup & Toast     5.95

Add a Cup of Soup

     to your Sandwich    2.50 


Served warm, with Seasonal Greens

Quiche Florentine

Spinach with Tarragon & Edam Cheese  7.95

Quiche aux Champignons

Oyster Mushroom & Roasted Red Peppers            7.95    

Tarte a l’Oignon

Alsatian Onion Tart with Gin & Bacon                7.95


  The Breakfast Sandwich

Abbotsford Free Range Egg, Rosemary 

Ham, Aged Cheddar & Parmesan


The Bâtard Cheese Soufflé 

Baked with Parmesan, Cheddar, 

Mozzarella & Abbotsford Free Range Egg

Fresh Tomato Chutney


Pain Bagna

Grilled Eggplant & Hummus, baked with 

Goat Cheese, Virgin Sauce with Mint     


Avocado on Toast

Sliced Avocado drizzled with X.V. Olive 

Oil & Fresh Lemon, Smoked Sea Salt 

& Mild Chili Flakes        7.95

Bâtard B.L.T.

Our take on the ‘Classic BLT’ topped 

with Avocado and Goat Cheese   11.95

French Beef Dip

Coffee Crusted Roast Beef served 

‘Au Jus’ on House Baguette    11.95

Caesar Salads

Crisp Romaine, House Made Dressing, Grated Parmesan & Bâtard Croutons      5.95


Herb Roasted Chicken Breast    4.95 

Wild B.C. Sockeye Fillet    4.95

Shared Plates

Hummus Plate with Olives

X.V. Olive Oil and Caramelized Garlic, with Our Toast Selection  6.95

Chèvre en Croute

Crumb Crusted Goat Cheese & Lardons, with Seasonal Green Salad & House Made Croutons    8.95

Finest at Sea’ 

Cold Smoked Sockeye Salmon, Salmon Paté, Egg with Salmon Caviar, Pickled Onion & Capers. House Toast Selection     12.95

Check in for Daily for Bistro Specials


Espresso: Double Shot of our Gusto Crema         
Macchiato: Double Shot of our Gusto Crema Marked with Foamed milk   
Gibraltar / Cortado: Double Shot of our Gusto Crema Served Somewhere Between a Macchiato and a Café Latte
Cappuccino: One Part Espresso, One Part Steamed Milk, One Part Velvety Foamed Milk
Café Latte: Double Shot of our Gusto Crema Served with Steamed Milk and a Smaller Amount of Foam
AmericanoDouble Shot of our Gusto Crema on Top of Hot Water


Russian Breakfast Tea: Russian Style Earl Grey with Orange Peel, Lemon Grass and Corn Flowers, Medium Caffeine.
Assam Breakfast Tea: No. 1 Estate Grown Orange Pekoe from Assam is a Medium Caffeinated High Grade Black Tea.
Formosa Oolong: This Semi Fermented Green Tea is Low in Caffeine. Its Sweet Notes do not Overpower its Characteristic Dryness.
Champagne of Ceylon: This Sri Lankan Black tea is Famous for being grown in High Altitudes. Medium Caffeine.
Chai Rooibos: Premium Caffeine Free Tea is characteristically Fruity with beautiful sweet notes and a hint of spice
West Coast Peppermint: This Fragrant and Strong Organic Peppermint is From the Winter Harvest in Washington.
Egyptian Chamomile: Highest Grade of Full Bud Organic Chamomile Imported from Egypt.

 House Made Drinks

Raspberry Cordial         
Ginger Green Iced Tea   
 Milk Steamed or Cold  
Hot Chocolate 



People say we're old fashioned. We hope so!