"People say we're old fashioned. We hope so!"

Fresh. Local. Inspired.

We take pride in sourcing local ingredients of the best quality.
Our menu offers a variety sandwiches, plates, salads and soups.
Daily specials are also available, showing in season specialities. 



Made with artisan
Umbria Coffee


Double Shot of our Gusto Crema         


Double Shot of our Gusto Crema Marked with Foamed milk   

Gibraltar / Cortado

Double Shot of our Gusto Crema Served Somewhere Between a Macchiato and a Café Latte


One Part Espresso, One Part Steamed Milk, One Part Velvety Foamed Milk

Café Latte

Double Shot of our Gusto Crema Served with Steamed Milk and a Smaller Amount of Foam


Double Shot of our Gusto Crema on Top of Hot Water

Daily and Seasonal Specials Available


Curated and unique
loose leaf teas

Russian Breakfast Tea

Russian Style Earl Grey with Orange Peel, Lemon Grass and Corn Flowers, Medium Caffeine.

Assam Breakfast Tea

No. 1 Estate Grown Orange Pekoe from Assam is a Medium Caffeinated High Grade Black Tea.

Formosa Oolong

This Semi Fermented Green Tea is Low in Caffeine. Its Sweet Notes do not Overpower its Characteristic Dryness.

Champagne of Ceylon

This Sri Lankan Black tea is Famous for being grown in High Altitudes. Medium Caffeine.

Chai Rooibos

Premium Caffeine Free Tea is characteristically Fruity with beautiful sweet notes and a hint of spice

West Coast Peppermint

This Fragrant and Strong Organic Peppermint is From the Winter Harvest in Washington.

Egyptian Chamomile

Highest Grade of Full Bud Organic Chamomile Imported from Egypt.

House Made Drinks


Raspberry Cordial         

Ginger Green Iced Tea   

Milk Steamed or Cold  

Hot Chocolate 


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